About Dish by Trish

About Dish by Trish

Dish by Trish is a food and lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring and connecting couples through simple food and dining experiences. Trish believes food and love are two of the best things in this world and when combined, magic happens. Knowing the ‘we’ in cooking is the special sauce, Trish created this blog to help couples share a rich cooking and dining experience. This togetherness in preparing wholesome meals is absolute soul food and a great way for couples to save money and support good health.

On Dish by Trish, you will find whole food Recipes for Two people, How-to Tips on couples cooking and entertaining, and Trish’s Picks which highlights curated products and services from around the web chosen with couples in mind.

Benefits of Couples Cooking

It’s not always possible, nor preferable, to cook at home. I totally get that. The resources on this blog are here when you do find yourself wanting to share a lovely food experience with someone special. Some of the benefits…


Cooking together can be very supportive to health (and waistlines) by having more control over the food you’re eating. There is no greater gift than that of good health.


Date night at restaurants is fine once in a while but dining out frequently can really become expensive. Cooking together at home can help save you both money.

Romance & Connection

Cooking together is soul food, allowing you to unwind and be present with one another. Romance can be built by sharing this multi-sensory, intimate experience together.


Couples cooking can help ease the labor of cooking because two people is definitely more powerful than one and every chef needs their sous chef.  Find strength in numbers.

 Recipe Philosophy on Dish by Trish

As a registered dietitian, Trish understands how critical good nutrition is in maintaining optimal health. Recipes here are not only simple to make and delicious but healthy. She uses real foods from ingredients that are minimally processed. Having a great affection for nature and for optimal nutrition, Trish uses seasonal, locally grown foods as much as possible. Most recipes on Dish by Trish are vegan and gluten-free.

Steps to Get Started


Review my “Date Night at Home Tips” by signing up for email updates. Avoid the silly mistakes many of us make when cooking together.


Browse the recipes for two. Choose one. Review the recipe and set aside time to do your grocery shopping and any prepping.


Delegate and prep. Decide who’s going to prepare what. Set a lovely ambience. Relax and enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re new to cooking as a couple, it can take some time to get used to so be patient with one another. Trish will be offering couples cooking tips on a regular basis so be sure to check out the How-To page or even better, sign up for email updates. If you have questions on a particular topic that she hasn’t covered,  contact Trish and ask away!

Connect with Trish

Trish can be found around the web on social media sites including Pinterest, TwitterInstagram, and Bloglovin. Follow her to stay connected! If you have any questions, email trish {at} dishbytrish {dot} com.

~ Cooking is the ingredient that binds us together ~